Kitty blackberry & vanilla pinata cake

I conceived the idea for this cake as part of my second Jo run's the Paris Marathon Bake sale, when I was watching a youtube video about Halloween cakes and quickly found an inspiring video and the idea was born.  I first wanted to make this cake black, however, I soon discovered you needed more than half a pot... Continue Reading →


Salted caramel dribble cake = winner!

Mr D had a charity bake sale at his office in celebration of the World Cup this week.  He managed to pick his second team - Sweden out of the proverbial (and I think actual) hat and decided that Salted Caramel would be a good option.  Though this is a long way from my favourite... Continue Reading →

Heston’s Chocolate Mousse

  Last night I had the pleasure of attending a Vietnamese cookery class at School of Wok !  It was terrific fun!  We were put into teams and between us all made incredible spring rolls, chicken and sweet potato curry and I was obviously quick to volunteer for pudding duty!  It was my first ever Heston... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the world – Hummingbird red velvet cupcakes

To celebrate my fabulous friend Sam giving birth to her utterly divine little daughter, I offered to make cupcakes for when I visited last night.  I stupidly asked what she fancied and then immediately regretted this when asked for RED VELVET.  However, having made these bad boys this weekend I discovered that contrary to my... Continue Reading →

Waterman’s Arms

Brilliant post!

Isle of Dogs - Past Life, Past Lives

What’s in a Name?

In the 1870 map below, a public house (P.H.) is shown at the corner of Newcastle St and Wharf Rd. This was the Newcastle Arms, built by William Cubitt as part of his Cubitt Town development, and opened in 1853. By 1962, names had changed, and the same pub was the Waterman’s Arms and was on the corner of Glengarnock Avenue (later Glenaffric Avenue) and Saunders Ness Rd. To make things more confusing, the pub is named The Great Eastern these days.

Newcastle Arms aka Waterman’s Arms aka Great Eastern is not a good title for a post, so I decided to use the name most familiar to me, the name I used when it was my local – Waterman’s Arms (not to be confused with the Waterman’s Arms that used to be at the north end of West Ferry Rd, ahem).


Quiet Times, Apart from…

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My Chocolate Raspberry Wedding Cake

 I am such a cake enthusiast and my partner is a committed marathon runner (I've only run one so far!), it felt appropriate when we got married earlier this month to go the whole hog and have a marathon cake table, with 26 cakes, one for every mile of a marathon! Haha!  I made 7... Continue Reading →

Classic Lemon Drizzle loaf

This fail safe, amazing recipe comes courtesy of Woman's Hour and is a well loved and often requested bake amongst friends, family and colleagues and is simply one of my absolute favourites. Ingredients For the cake or loaf: 2 large eggs 175g Caster sugar 150g Stork or butter 2 Lemons, zested 175g Self-raising flour 125ml... Continue Reading →

Best. Ever. Brownies.

It's the name of the recipe courtesy of Orlando Murrin (found on BBC Good Food) and it's the absolute truth. I had tried a few other unsuccessful brownie recipes before I came across this one and this was like a ray of sunshine in a dull grey world of awful brownie recipes.  If you know your... Continue Reading →

Boxing day Chocoholic Cake

Boxing day in my family is a day we all go for a nice pub lunch and then it's back to my Nan's house for board games (though mostly Pointless the last two years as we're all completely obsessed with it), prosecco and cake! Last year I made two or three different cakes but had... Continue Reading →

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