Wedding cakes…

I have delightful dreams about perfectly covered cakes with smooth shiny white icing, glittering decorations and all with effortless ease.  Then I wake up in a cold sweat, realising it was only a dream... not only do I not like eating icing but I also find covering cakes very stressful.  I don't know why really,... Continue Reading →


Dining out this week…

This week has been great on the good food front, I dined out twice during the week and have been completely spoilt by two lovely, cool and relaxed restaurants which always make my heart beat with joy and mouth salivate in anticipation of a fabbo meal. First up on Tuesday night I met my friend... Continue Reading →

Creamy Tarragon Chicken & Skinny Roast Potatoes

As requested, here follows this fabulously simple and fairly healthy recipe (though you wouldn’t think it).  It was introduced to me by Chris’s sister and is originally a Weight Watchers recipe (!) so it ticks every box for healthy and delicious food.  I have tweaked it a bit to my own specifications and can’t now... Continue Reading →

Culinary delights in Stratford upon Avon

Last week was a culinary delight, I was lucky enough to win a brilliant competition for a tour, lunch and voice workshop at the Royal Shakespeare Company in Shakespeare's birth place, Stratford Upon Avon as well as two tickets to Much Ado About Nothing.  So on Thursday afternoon, my friend Lisa and I took ourselves off to... Continue Reading →

Too hot, too spicy? Hot hot

Okay so Saturday night, we decided to try out a new curry... I got this recipe from my favourite adhock recipe source, BBC Good Food website: Thai Butternut Squash and Chicken Red Curry The recipe looked delicious, we had a butternut squash, what could go wrong? Three things actually... 1) No chicken, so we... Continue Reading →

Food, Baking and Me

Welcome to my new and fabulous blog, dedicated to what has become my enduring passion; food! I learnt to cook (as so many of us do) at my Mother's knee, the kitchen was always the heart of our home and we would spend many happy hours preparing meals, gossiping and dancing to the music on... Continue Reading →

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