Dining out this week…

This week has been great on the good food front, I dined out twice during the week and have been completely spoilt by two lovely, cool and relaxed restaurants which always make my heart beat with joy and mouth salivate in anticipation of a fabbo meal.

First up on Tuesday night I met my friend Tessa at The Young Vic Theatre bar, now called The Cut Bar, Cafe & Restaurant.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a big theatre fan, but performances aside something I have enjoyed enormously in the last ten years is the rise of the ‘cool’ theatre bar/cafe/restaurant and this is one such establishment.  As theatre has had to become more self-funded and focus on keeping revenues coming in; as well as their artistic direction and performances, we have had an explosion of some great bars and restaurants on the London Fringe, which have gone from shabby relaxed drinking holes to relaxed dining establishments.

Not only does the Young Vic Theatre produce exciting and inspiring theatre, but its food is also interesting and delicious; challenging diners to munch down a full soft shell crab in a bun.  I am pleased to say I was delighted to rise to the challenge and enjoyed it very much with half a bowl of chips and a carafe of rose.  It was utterly wonderful and was swiftly followed by a Bourbon Chocolate Brownie (sadly not photograph as it was eaten too quickly!)

Today I had the joy of a Friday afternoon lunch (probably only my third this year, normally I have a salad at my desk, my favourite is this one from M&S Count on Us Crayfish and Mango rice salad).  I went with my friend Johanna to my favourite venue in Canary Wharf; Rocket.  It is cool, fun and relaxed whilst being tastefully decorated and full of gorgeous things.  I especially like the wallpaper which looks like old penguin classics on a bookcase on the stairs.  Another interesting feature is the upstairs bar, which I had not laid eyes on until this afternoon, all drawers, I thought it was great – what do you think? 

The main reason I go to this restaurant is because it does absolutely the best fishcakes I have ever had in my life; salmon and crayfish. My friend Hayley and I are utterly obsessed by them, ordering them again and again, though there are many other delectable treats on the menu!  The pizzas are enormous and looks exceptionally lovely.

Because it was a lunch time, we ordered only main courses; the Anchovy pizza but without the anchovies and the Crayfish and Salmon fishcakes of course.  However, when the pizza was ready the chef was unable to compute that anyone would want the Anchovy pizza without the main advertised ingredient!  An absolutely understandable assumption to make; whilst we waited for a non-fishy fishy pizza, the lovely waitress very kindly brought us some bread to keep us going and we we delighted with the beautiful presentation with a traffic light style dish for the accompaniments.  The seeded bread was our favourite and in a short time our main courses arrived.  They were utterly delicious and frankly the fishcakes were absolute heaven on a plate!


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