Leek risotto with grilled salmon

Following my super pre-Christmas Baking shop, I found a glut of leeks I had failed to use up and was faced with two choices; potato and leek soup (my favourite) or find something more inspirational to do with leeks.  Inspired both by the simplicity of the fabulous parsley risotto (I had at No.9 Church Street,... Continue Reading →


Russian Fudge recipe

Recently I have been asked to post a fudge recipe as I am utterly obsessed with making and eating fudge, and developing wonderful fudge flavours for gifts.  This being a key time of year for recipe development. I thought it made sense to post my very first fudge recipe as this was my very first... Continue Reading →

Let the Christmas baking commence!

I always look forward to this time, a few months before Christmas because it means just one thing... CHRISTMAS BAKING!!!!! I love testing new recipes, making things I've never tried an opportunity to make throughout the rest of the year or think to make! Last year was the year of serious fudge action with fudge... Continue Reading →

Baked Salmon & Mushroom risotto recipe

Salmon is so perfect, no oil required and utterly delicious!                 Serves 2/3 Ingredients 2 Fillets of salmon 1 White onion 2 Cloves of garlic 3 Mushrooms 1 Handful of dried mushrooms, rehydrated 120g Risotto rice 500ml Vegetarian stock (could be chicken) 1 Tbsp White wine 2 Bunches... Continue Reading →

A weekend in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is an absolutely stunning city, the long wide streets are reminiscent of the scale and design of the great Parisian Boulevards and every where you go the castle sits on its promontory keeping it's careful watch over the merrymakers, tourists and residences. We stayed in The Walton Guesthouse which was quiet and comfortable with... Continue Reading →

Jo’s birthday cake – recipe!!

Being such a fuss pot with cakes, and not having a Mrs P spectacular available I decided I would bake my own birthday cake and take it into work to ensure I didn't eat the ENTIRE thing! There was only one thing on my mind when I thought about what I wanted; chocolate.  Lots and... Continue Reading →

Super Speedy Salmon & Mushroom Pasta

Salmon and pasta are two of my absolute favourite things, to be able to combine them is like a dream!  Every mouthful is an utter delight! When making a nice quick pasta for myself, salmon is a great ingredient as you need to add little or no oil, because the nature oils provide almost everything you need... Continue Reading →

Baked traffic light risotto (the dinner that cooks while you do something else!)

Tonight I got back from work gone eight pm and thought I want a good healthy meal but have stuff to get on with, like type up my blog... I know !  A baked risotto is always the answer because you can prep it, wack it in the oven and you have that time you'd... Continue Reading →

Super Scrummy Banana Loaf

By popular demand, please find my Super Scrummy Banana Loaf recipe.  It is something I found in a magazine some time ago (I believe it may have been Sainsbury’s) but I cannot find it online, otherwise would post the link to original recipe here!  I think I have amended this recipe slightly from the original… This loaf is not... Continue Reading →

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