Making a simple Lemon curd

I love making lemon curd, especially when making meringues as they go very well together and mean you never have any egg yolks left over! On this occasion however I did have a couple of egg yolks lurking in the fridge so decided to use them up in a yummy lemon curd. Now, my lemon... Continue Reading →


Genoese Pesto Pasta

Whilst I was lucky enough to spend a wonderful weekend in Norway, I was introduced to a delicious and incredibly simple Genoese pasta dish. We were so impressed with it that when we got back we looked up the recipe! The success of this seems very much to depend on the pesto you use, I... Continue Reading →

Lovely lasagne

Striving for a simple, yet delicious dinner tonight I turned again to Delia and wanting to avoid going out on this chilly Sunday I decided to stay in and use up what I had in the cupboard. The deciding factor in this decision was the turkey breast mince sitting obligingly in the freezer, ready to... Continue Reading →

Amazingly delicious FAT FREE Meringue Icing

These were the lovely strawberries and cream cupcakes that I made to raise money for Bake for Breast (and Prostate) Cancer this week at work. I was delighted that with only 12 cupcakes and 12 brownies I raised £70! Woohoo! 🙂 These sponges are lovely and light, the wonderful vanilla cakes Rachel Allen wrote about... Continue Reading →

Classic Delia Christmas Puddings

Delia writes in her classic book Complete Illustrated Cookery Course that of all her pudding recipes, her Christmas pudding is the most requested and it is not hard to know why.  I made her Christmas puddings a couple of years ago and having rarely found such a pudding appetising I decided to dig in and... Continue Reading →

Culinary fun at T5

I have a new found sympathy for all those I have ever put on a ridiculously early flight, frankly getting out of bed after 3.5 hours sleep should be illegal. Leaving the house at 430am WITHOUT having had time for a cup of tea is absolute sacrilege, frankly I almost thought I wouldn't make it,... Continue Reading →

Creamy lemon-coriander* Chicken curry

My new mantra is “cook more, eat less” – the theory being that I should turn away from takeaways and lazy options (especially mid-week when the Chinese really calls me) and cook more fabulous food, meaning that I can still have the fantastic flavours and quick food fix that I need but much more healthily!... Continue Reading →

Banana cake with Pecan Crumble

For Chris’s 30th birthday party on Saturday I wanted to make him a special cake and for him when thinking of a simple, yet delicious celebration/tea time cake (which we both prefer), there was just one cake on his mind, the classic Banana cake with Pecan Crumble. It has become his birthday classic since I... Continue Reading →

Strawberries and Cream Cupcakes for Breast & Prostate Cancer Bake Sale – 26th October 2012

Next Friday (26th October) I will be baking for Breast Cancer for the work bake sale and as such I have been looking for a ‘pink’ cake recipe!  I was delighted when I came across Rachel Allen’s cupcakes in the BBC Good Food Magazine for October.  They looked beautiful and fulfilled the pink criteria!  So I... Continue Reading →

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