Amazingly delicious FAT FREE Meringue Icing

These were the lovely strawberries and cream cupcakes that I made to raise money for Bake for Breast (and Prostate) Cancer this week at work. I was delighted that with only 12 cupcakes and 12 brownies I raised £70! Woohoo! 🙂

These sponges are lovely and light, the wonderful vanilla cakes Rachel Allen wrote about in the Good Food magazine a couple of months ago and I blogged about last month. The real star of the show here is the FAT FREE meringue icing! It is an absolute show stopper and frankly I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to have go at this! I loved it, probably more than butter icing and will definitely be using it again very soon!

This is truly one mega star of a recipe and it is courtesy of the always fabulous Gizzi Erskine!

150g fructose sugar
2 tablespoon crushed strawberries
¼ teaspoon crème tartar
1 egg white
pinch salt
Fresh strawberries to top

Method – this is entirely Gizzi’s…

1) Put all ingredients in a big mixing bowl over a pan of boiling water.

2) Stir with a clean metal spoon for 2 minutes exactly to dissolve the sugar.

3) When the mixture is warm and the 2 minutes are up, remove the bowl from the heat and beat with a whisk. Whisk for 9 minutes until cool.

4) The mixture is ready to use when it’s standing up like snow-covered Swiss peaks.

5) EIther pipe (in the normal way) or lather onto cakes with a pallet knife.

N.B. On this occasion I piped the icing on to look a little more fancy but I found popping on with a pallet knife super-dooper easy. Last time I made them I put strawberries on top and whilst they look entirely GORGEOUS, my strawberries slide off all over the place, almost causing a cake disaster! So on this occasion I opted for some strawberry pearl sprinkles, from Waitrose. I had a lot of compliments on the icing so will be doing this again and may be trying out different flavours in this too!


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