Genoese Pesto Pasta

Whilst I was lucky enough to spend a wonderful weekend in Norway, I was introduced to a delicious and incredibly simple Genoese pasta dish. We were so impressed with it that when we got back we looked up the recipe! The success of this seems very much to depend on the pesto you use, I would suggest going for fresh. You can get a decent one in M&S but I’m sure a nice local deli would do something really delicious, or you could always have a go at making one from scratch?

Give this a try, it’s that perfect dinner when you want a takeaway because you can’t be bothered to cook… But this is so little effort you won’t even realise you are cooking! It takes no time at all!

150g New or Charlotte potatoes
150g Spaghetti (I got the bronzed kind)
100g Trimmed green beans
60g Fresh pesto

1. Pour a kettle of boiling water into a very large pan until half full. Return to the boil, then add the potatoes and spaghetti with a little salt. Cook for 10 minutes until the potatoes and pasta are almost tender.

2. Tip in the green beans and cook for 5 minutes more.

3. Drain well, reserving 4 tbsp of the cooking liquid.

4. Return the potatoes, pasta and beans to the pan.

5. Stir in the fresh pesto and reserved cooking liquid.

6. Season to taste, divide between four serving plates and drizzle with a little olive oil

Delicious, simple and fabulously easy!

We found this recipe on our favourite BBC Good Food website:, we halved this recipe to serve 2 only.


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