An absolutely delightful visit in Oslo, Norway

Last weekend Chris, his mum and I were lucky enough to visit Chris’s cousin Dawn and her wonderful family in Norway! It was absolutely delightful to spend time with them and amazing to think I was finally visiting Oslo after reading Roald Dahl’s autobiographical novel Boy as a child and dreaming of the exotic realms of the Nordic countries. It was exhilarating and glorious to visit the famous Vigeland sculpture park with 121 human figures and a truly awe inspiring central sculpture and central viewing point for an incredible panorama over the city. The colours in on the trees and on ground (fallen leaves) were in a vast selection of yellows, golds, bronze, red and brown; a full autumnal palette which dazzled the eye as you surveyed this magical world.
As well as enjoying the architectural splendours of the city (and it is very much worth a good walk around) we were lucky to be the guests of exceptionally good cooks! This first dish was our dinner on my first night, it is called Fårikål and I didn’t realise but now have found out (thanks to the power of google!) that it is Norway’s national dish! A real Norwegian classic; lamb and cabbage casserole. It is cooked at a low heat for at least 4 hours and was absolutely delicious as the cabbage takes on the wonderful lamb flavours. It was served over a perfectly crispy baked potato, frankly comforting winter warmers don’t come any better than this, it was out of this world! I will definitely be trying this one, as soon as I get an English translation of this Norwegian recipe! Yum yum yum! 😀
On our second night we were treated to a classic Genoese dish (as our well travelled hosts had spend much time in Italy) which was a perfectly cooked long rounded pasta with pesto, potato and green beans. I admit you may not think pasta and potato would work, but you would be wrong(!) it was incredibly divine. Personally I was in seventh heaven as pasta and green beans are my two most favourite savoury treats so I loved it! 🙂 Chris and I have subsequently had a go at this one fairly successfully, I think the success to this dish is in the quality of the pesto you are able to secure, I’d recommend fresh pesto. I’ll blog this recipe shortly.
Oslo is rather expensive so meals out were kept to a minimum, but we did tickle our taste buds with a fabulous open chicken sandwich at a restaurant named Olivia‘s. It was a pizza and pasta place which did a few smaller things. Lovely decor and fantastic food! Didn’t break the bank either at about 550 Norwegian Kroner / £68.84 for 4 hot drinks, 3 open sandwiches and 1 frittata! Very yummy and a great atmosphere!
Oslo was utterly divine, full of art, culture and fabulous food! There was a delightful nip in the air and it is vital to drink hot chocolate everywhere (at least that was my story and I was sticking to it!). But be warned the Norwegian’s take hot chocolate very seriously and it is amazing intense chocolate hit; the answer to all my chocolatey dreams! I can’t wait to go back again and spend another weekend in such fabulous company!

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