Fabulous food with Fabulous friends in Paris!


Paris is not only famous as the city of love, but also the city of food! For me it is a culinary delight; bursting with flavour, style and taste at every mouthful! There are always so many wonderful dishes to try, new restaurants and cuisines; you really are spoilt for choice in Paris. That said, the classics still make my heart beat a little bit faster; the bread and the patisserie is out of this world. I make a point of eating as much bread as is humanly possible, it is absolutely amazing! No one does bread quite as well as the French! Perhaps Paul Hollywood? May be hot foot it to Waitrose and find out!!

Obviously pain au chocolat is a must, from a gorgeous bolangerie just off the Ile Saint Louis, simply by virtue of the fact it was the only one open before 10am on Sunday morning! Delicious though!

20121119-190337.jpg Another thing I love about France is its raspberry Jaffa cakes! Come on McVities, can’t you please bring out such an utterly IMMENSE biscuit/cake?! I ate two boxes in two days and brought some home for my friends!!

We took the 0701 Eurostar from London St Pancras, arriving at the Gare du Nord 1017, in time for a spot of shopping before a fabulous lunch with our fabulous friend Oscar! We ate at L’Epi d’Or on rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

It was a very cosy, warm bistro serving classic French fare. I went with the recommended fish of the day, which turned out to be Lemon sole in a lemon and olive oil sauce with some green beans and a few chips! It was utterly delicious, but not as divine as the pudding! Chocolat orange Fondant with raspberry coulis and creme anglais!

This was, without doubt one of the best chocolate puddings I’ve ever had! In my life! Nom nom nom! But do share it, as probably too rich for just one, though I could have given it a good try!

For dinner in the evening we tantalised out taste buds with the Spanish flavours of Ferdi (32 rue Mont Thabor), renowned for its burgers either Ferdi (cheese) or Arthur (double cheese). I went for a classic rice with black beans and spiced minced beef, it was absolutely delicious. Great ambience, friendly staff and good wine!

We polished off a glorious evening in Paris with some posh cocktails at L’hotel Crillion; sumptuous in its local in la Concorde and its decor. A wonderful time had by all!

On our last night in Paris our fabulous friends made a wonderful Chinese roast duck dish with a honey & soy dressing, a cucumber, spring onion and sesame salad and sticky Thai rice! It was amazing, I’ll try and get a recipe soon! For pudding we had the most amazing French patisserie! A fitting end to a wonderful culinary journey!


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