Christmas Crafting!

In the build up to Christmas, I started not only Christmas baking, but in true Kirstie Allsop style - Christmas crafting to make some handmade and personalised gifts for friends and family. True these gifts aren't for everyone, as my brother rolls his eyes are the mere mention of my sewing box or knitting needles!... Continue Reading →


Cheesy biscuits

I have a confession - I don't actually eat cheese(!)... I know it's shocking, but there it is, so making these biscuits was fine up until the point that you bake them, as they make your whole house smell that creamy cheesy smell, to which most people respond with: Mmmmmm 🙂 But for me it... Continue Reading →

Christmas Double Gingerbread

I've never been a fan of Gingerbread before, but in recent years I've had a piece here or there around the festive season and realised that it's actually pretty damn fantastic! As I don't yet have a go-to gingerbread recipe, I went instead to my go-to recipe site; the fabulous BBC Good Food and found... Continue Reading →

Christmas baking

So it's that time of year again and I've been having a BRILLIANT time baking myself into oblivion; creating all kinds of edible Christmas gifts! As you may remember from previous blogs I had a hit list of: 1. Onion marmalade 2. Cheesy biscuits 3. Ginger wine 4. Xmas cake 5. Xmas pudding 6. Fudge... Continue Reading →

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