Christmas baking


So it’s that time of year again and I’ve been having a BRILLIANT time baking myself into oblivion; creating all kinds of edible Christmas gifts!

As you may remember from previous blogs I had a hit list of:
1. Onion marmalade
2. Cheesy biscuits
3. Ginger wine
4. Xmas cake
5. Xmas pudding
6. Fudge

Unfortunately I wasn’t organised enough on the ginger wine front and failed to purchase my demijohn in an adequate time period. Oops.. Nevermind, I have this now, so looking forward to having a go at this next year! Instead I decided to go for Spiced Arancello! Which is like Limoncello but flavoured with orange peel, vanilla and seasonal spices! It smells amazing!! Mmmm!

I made the Xmas puddings and cake at the end of October (subsequently feeding the cakes every 3 weeks with a splosh of Apricot brandy). I have managed to complete the majority if my remaining Christmas baking over last two weekends; it has been edible gifts central!

So far I have made:
1. Onion marmalade
2. Cheesy biscuits
3. Mince pies (incl orangey short crust pastry)
4. Fudge; Triple choc, lemon meringue pie, gingerbread, raspberry and white choc, purist vanilla, cookies & cream, choc-mint, choc-orange
5. Coconut ice
6. Choc dipped apricots
7. Spiced Arancello
8. Gingerbread

It certainly has been very busy, but I’ve been having a lovely time! I plan to make a few more fudge flavours yet though!

What recipes did I use, I hear you cry! Well I’ll blog some to give you an idea, just in case you fancy making any edible gifts this Christmas! Although I would definitely recommend a book I bought last year which was incredibly inspiring; Annie Rigg’s Gifts from the kitchen . It is absolutely brilliant and gives many ideas for fabulous edible gifts.

Also BBC Good Food and the Good Food TV channel have been fantastic for ideas and inspiration, as usual! Yesterday they had Delia, Nigella and Jamie’s Christmas shows on all day! Genius! 🙂

Recipes to come…


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