Christmas Crafting!


In the build up to Christmas, I started not only Christmas baking, but in true Kirstie Allsop style – Christmas crafting to make some handmade and personalised gifts for friends and family. True these gifts aren’t for everyone, as my brother rolls his eyes are the mere mention of my sewing box or knitting needles! So on my hit list this year was:
1) Cinnamon encrusted Christmas Candles
2) Hand knitted make up bags
3) Cushion covers
4) Fun Christmas jumpers
5) Cabled knitted slipper socks

There were also be the inevitable foodie hampers, which I started on in the last weekend in November and was enormous fun! I’ll blog about each of these, but starting with my first and easiest craft; Cinnamon encrusted Christmas candles!

Cinnamon encrusted Christmas Candles
I got this idea from the Hobby craft website, as it was listed as one if their things to make. The key difference I made was using red Christmas scented candles rather than the white so called Church Candles. This was for two reasons, the red ones were about £1 cheaper and they were SO MUCH MORE CHRISTMASY!!!!!! I loved them!

What you will need
1 Short & fat candle (colour/scent of your choice)
1 bag of craft cinnamon sticks from Hobby Craft or online
1 Elastic band (I used a hair tie)
1 Length of string or ribbon to finish
2 Sheets of kitchen roll
A microwave
An oven glove

1) Take the candle and put the elastic band over it

2) Open the pack of cinnamon and artfully arrange the cinnamon sticks around the candle (being held into place by the elastic band)

3) Place the candle on the kitchen roll and into the microwave

4) Heat for 30 seconds on high

5) Using your oven gloves, remove candle from microwave and squeeze the cinnamon onto the candle.

6) Repeat steps 3-5 once more

7) When cinnamon is firmly attached, tie string or ribbon around it to decorate

8) Voile!


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