Easy peasy smoked salmon pasta


This was my lovely quick dinner last night, recipe posted at the request of Rebecca Sian Wilson.


60g Pasta, any kind (I like penne for this dish as collects the sauce nicely)
1 Small white onion, sliced
3 Mushrooms, sliced
50g Extra light cream cheese
Some smoked salmon, sliced (I just used up what I had)
Handful of rocket
Handful of basil* please note I have very small hands, if yours are bigger you may want to use a little less! 😉


1) Cook pasta over medium heat until tender

2) Sweat down your onion in a little olive oil, over a medium heat adding a little water when it dries out and stir occasionally. Add a little sprinkling of salt to draw the water out of the onion so it will caramelise more easily

3) When onion cooked through add the mushrooms and repeat process

4) Drain pasta

5) Add cream cheese with a little water (or you could use some white wine, which would add a delicate flavour to the mix) and stir through the ingredients

6) Add pasta and cook out for a moment

7) Add smoked salmon, chopped basil and rocket, season, stir & serve

You then have your delicious dinner in 15 minutes, fabulous! 🙂


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