Posted in August 2013

Lemony garlic pork and potatoes

I found this fabulous recipe in the latest Weight Watchers magazine and remember it because I had some pork chops in the freezer in search of some great flavour!  If you’re interested, it has 11 Weight Watchers pro points which really only means this recipe is fairly healthy and the good news is it’s really … Continue reading

Chocolate orange truffle cake

This is a fantastic Cook Yourself Thin recipe for the most decadent tasting chocolate cake, I would go as far as to say that in texture it compares to the most incredible of all chocolate cakes; Nigella Lawson’s Sour cream chocolate cake, but with about half the calories! This is Gizzi Erskine‘s chocolate orange truffle cake … Continue reading

Crab lemon pasta

Tonight it was fresh crab which took my fancy and at 4 Weight Watchers Pro Points per 100g it’s not too bad as a pasta accompaniment, especially in comparison to a salmon fillet which is about 6 Weight Watchers Pro Points. Not to mention the fact that crab is just damn yummy!!! Mmmmm 🙂 Ingredients … Continue reading

Thai Green Curry (Low fat & DELICIOUS)

I love Thai food and especially a Thai Green Curry. However this is problematic when trying to keep your food healthy or is it? The gorgeous Gizzi Erskine created this amazing curry on the first series of Cook Yourself Thin and I have been a BIG FAN ever since. It is hugely satisfying and feels … Continue reading

Roasted Garlic, Shallot and Potato Soup

I was looking for a new soup which would be fairly healthy and nutritious but also thick and creamy.  This recipe from the Weight Watchers website seems to be a good compromise on both and comes in at 3 Weight Watchers Prop Points.  This is a delicious and warming soup which is great for lunch or … Continue reading