Chorizo tagliatelle with leek, mushrooms and rocket

I was inspired by my friend Rebecca to make this pasta dish; spicy sausage and leek, who else? But my favourite Welshie!? Haha 😉 Ingredients Serves one 80g Pasta (I used my favourite tagliatelle) 1 small chorizo sausage, sliced Half a leek, sliced 3 Chestnut mushrooms Tsp Olive oil Handful of rocket Method 1) Put... Continue Reading →


Christmas lunch at One Canada Square

Corporate entertaining at Christmas time is a never ending nightmare; juggling budgets, dietary requirements and colleagues expectations is never easy. This year however when I organised the Christmas lunch, I was in luck, One Canada Square had opened. Perched inside a tower block of the same name, this restaurant and bar offers convenient and glamorous... Continue Reading →

Lemon and garlic Seabass with roast potatoes and stir fried greens

Seabass is one of my favourite fish; delicate but meaty, light but chunky if you know what I mean? It works perfectly with lemon and garlic. I am a big garlic fan, as you may already have guessed? However, this meal used a whole bulb of garlic which outdid even my own garlictastic standards. Ingredients... Continue Reading →

Mushroom and Samfire pasta with garlic butter and basil

I love Samfire and have only had it rarely in restaurants, so when I came across it yesterday in Tesco I thought, yes pleaseeee! Samfire is a lovely vegetable grown on the English coast, I believe mostly in Suffolk(?). It is somewhere between asparagus and seaweed but don't let that put you off! It is... Continue Reading →

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