Weight Watchers healthy and filling foods here we go…

jo brownies

For anyone who reads my blog or knows me, you will know that I LOVE FOOD!  I love baking and pasta and chocolate and jaffa cakes and bourbons and homemade fudge(! mmmmm)… this sometimes means I am less healthy that I probably should be and my biggest downfall (and I know it) is that I’d rather be cooking, baking or eating than exercising.  Who wouldn’t?  However, at this point I am keen to improve my health and fitness levels, especially with an impending public appearance in a wetsuit for a surfing Hen do in September… wishing not to be mistaken for a beached whale, I have decided to improve my eating habits to slightly healthier ones and lose a stone to be a happy and healthier weight as at five foot nothing, I am one of the shorter people anywhere.

 hot choc canterbury

I was brought up as a greedy child with lots of sugary sweets and high fat treats (like KFC)… don’t get me wrong, I loved it but I was a fat child.  The greed has not really changed but my tastes have a bit (I prefer great bread and pasta to sweets these days), although I find it much easier to leave the chocolate in the cupboards knowing it will be there later as my dad or brother aren’t around to snaffle it when I’m not looking.  Surely they wouldn’t break into my house in order to steal my food?  Or would they?!

I have never been a breakfast person, much prefering a banana or piece of cake any time before 10:30am… afterwards it becomes brunch time by when I am fully awake and which I find much more enticing with poached eggs or my favourite eggs benedict available!  This morning in an effort to follow my new healthy eating plan to the letter, I had porridge with chopped strawberries and a little banana.  True, it did need some jam or fruit curd to make it a little sweeter, but it was good and I cannot tell you how much more alert and focused I feel on any task in hand, because I am not hungry and so not really thinking about food…. except in a what am I gonna have for dinner kinda way. haha.

 I am really enjoying thinking about food again and love inventing new dishes with a healthy twist… yesterday I played it safe with a prawn salad and Ceasar light Pizza Express dressingprawn saladwhich was delicious, but today I have an experimental Tuna and brown rice salad with green beans, asparagus, spring onion, cucumber and rocket and dressed with a little lemon juice and traditional light Pizza Express dressing (salad dressings available in all supermarkets). 

tuna and brown rice salad

It is also very yummy, just needs a little fine tuning, I think next time I will leave out the cucumber and asaparagus. 

I find Weight Watchers very easy to follow and helps to realign my eating habits to much healthier ones without dodging meals or too much cake (yes it is still allowed!)  I am trying this week the filling and healthy foods, which means you eat anything you fancy from this list without measuring it, which is very flexible if you love to cook anyway…

WW food list  WW shopping list


Starting weight: 10st 7.5lbs

Goal weight: 9st 7lbs

Let’s see how it goes… wish me luck!



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