Lemon cupcakes from the Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook

Another yummy recipe I tried out for Mother's day afternoon tea was smaller lemon cupcakes, the sponges were delicious with or without icing.  I personally found the buttercream a little sweet and may next time go for something like a light cream cheese icing or a meringue icing.  But I thought when dealing with my... Continue Reading →


Brownies from The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook

For tea and cake with my Nan on Mother's Day I turned to the Hummingbird Baker Cookbook and decided to try a different brownie recipe than the one I usually go for (which is best ever brownies).  I wanted to try out this recipe because it looked much simpler with fewer ingredients and also looked... Continue Reading →

Healthy King Prawn Fried Rice

So I am trying to eat better in 2016, so I'm reinventing some of my favourite recipes as healthily as I can.  Last night I wanted something that felt like my regular Friday night takeaway but better on the waistline and I came across this recipe for Stir fried prawns with pepper and spinach on BBC... Continue Reading →

Healthy bacon and mushroom risotto

When seeking out a Saturday afternoon lunch for one, I had a choice between a small risotto with bacon and mushroom or an omelette with the same filling... after considering the number of calories in each, I decided that as each egg is about 90 calories each that a risotto would be much more filling... Continue Reading →

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