Healthy bacon and mushroom risotto

Bacon and mushroom risotto When seeking out a Saturday afternoon lunch for one, I had a choice between a small risotto with bacon and mushroom or an omelette with the same filling… after considering the number of calories in each, I decided that as each egg is about 90 calories each that a risotto would be much more filling (though a little more effort) and only around 40-50 calories more than an omelette, so naturally I went for the risotto option !

Serves One

Calories 371


60g Risotto rice

1 Rasher of smoked bacon, fat removed, cut into small pieces

100g (3 medium sized) mushrooms

1 Spring onion

1 Tsp vegetable oil

30g Spinach

1/2 Pint chicken stock, made with half a chicken stock cube

Salt & Pepper



1) Dry fry the bacon, when it starts to catch remove from the pan and put to one side

2) Add oil to the pan and mushrooms, stir.

3) Add a small amount of water to de-glaze the pan, stir to release all the bacony goodness stuck on the bottom of the pan, into the mushrooms

4) Add the rice and fry for 1 minute

5) Add the stock one tablespoon at a time and stir frequently until the stock is absorbed and rice is cooked

6) Add Spinach and bacon, stir until wilted

7) Season as desired and top with a small handful of rocket and a chopped spring onion if you wish (I did)

You could also use fresh herbs, like parsley or chives but I sadly did not have these to hand !



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