Christmas baking 2016

A little belated yes… but here is my Christmas baking for this year, they were some old favourites and a new addition to the party!

So made my (now) usual Felicity Cloake PERFECT Christmas cake, which I first discovered in 2012 and is now a Christmas favourite with my family.  I made three this year and iced them slightly differently; one for an old people’s tea party, one for my boss and one for my Nan.

The comedy iced ginger biscuits leaning against the delicious chocolate mint roulade (was my own cake for Christmas day) which look like a 5 year old did them, were actually me trying to get icing sugar to do the job of royal icing! Haha.  I have now invested in royal icing and will seek to improve my icing skills this year, so we’ll see how that goes.  The ginger biscuits were nice though.

I made my favourite onion marmalade for gifts but then promptly forgot about them as due my boyfriend’s onion aversion I put them in a bag in the cupboard under the stairs! Oops… I managed to remember about three jars and gave them away but kept LOTS, oh well, more for ME !! Yum yum yum.


There was also the usual fudge.. nom nom nom.

Hope you had lovely baking Christmas’s too!



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