About Awfully Good Food

My name is Jo.  I am keen amateur cook, baker, artisan confectioner and writer, with a passion to banish terrible food forever.  I have made it my mission is to learn as much as I can about sugarcraft and baking, to create bring top quality fudge, cakes and bakes for all my friends, family and colleagues.  Food should be delicious every single time, cakes should make your mouth water for another slice and fudge should be sweet and creamy filling you with joy at every taste.  We need to say goodbye to poorly flavoured oily fudge and heavy dry sponges; and say hello to innovative twists on fudge classics, new exciting ideas inspired by cocktail & ice-cream menus and beautifully baked brownies, cakes and tarts.

Of course I use ethically sourced Fairtrade sugar in all my baking and the best natural flavourings to create taste-bud tantalising treats for the Great People of Great Britain (those that I know anyway!).

Join the Hand-Made Baking/Cooking Revolution!  Say NO to that bad taste in your mouth and enjoy the gorgeous glittering gourmet delights you can create at home with lovely recipes to be had at Awfully Good Food!


*smiles & sparkles*

Jo x


3 thoughts on “About Awfully Good Food

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  1. Hey there Jo! Lovely to discover your blog and your awesome food philosophy! Definitely agree… baking is such an art and none of us should stay ‘mediocre’ in our efforts to produce gorgeous cakes and confectionery. Great thing you’re doing here! xx

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